Pevnick Design waterfall from 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. (JPEG)

Diagram of rock waterfall for the installation. (JPEG)

Artists' Concept of an Eshu image in water, with voice. (Quicktime)

Here is the text of Eshu's Voice, paraphrased from various praise hymns and stories from the Yoruba:

I am Eshu-Elegbara, owner-of-the-power, he who guards the crossroads. Generous to my friends, those who do not respect my status I shall bend, like a string upon a bow, or pound like a shell.

When I am fed, there is no danger, but turn your back on me and strange things begin to happen...

I am the childless, wanderer, alone, moving only as a spirit. I am he who makes a whistle from the head of a snake.

Favorable, I modify the worst of fates; hostile, I darken the most brilliant of happenings.
Put your question to me, but before you make your choice, be sure you have looked at all sides.