Art 511   Art and Emerging Technologies

Conceptual Information Arts Program

- What will be the art of the future?
- What is going on in scientific research labs ?
- How can artists penetrate the secrets?
- How can artists build on research to create new art and media?

This course aims to prepare artists and new media professionals to become innovators in the development of emerging technologies
These projects were the results of these invetigations in Spring, 2003 .   More details about art 511 Emerging Technologies

´´´´Conceptual art works based onemerging technologies and frontier areas of scientific research
Blood Musick in the Spiral Lounge
The music is in your blood - the art is in motion   Visit Blood Musick
Trey Jackson
plant that responds to emotion
Sherrie Dandan  Visit Emotiplant
Fractal Waves
Fractal sculpture  Visit Fractal Waves
Brite Bonnier
Bioluminescent sky art    Visit Nightwriting
Nicole Best 
Sound Visualization for Education and Entertainment
Art proposal for sound/art project for childrens' classrooms Visit Sound Visualization
Augmented Reality
An immersive environment used to simulate Augmented Reality.
 Mike Smith  visit Augmented Reality Project
What is out there?  SETI based project
Karen Schwartz    Visit What is out there 


**** Projects Based on Emerging Technologies - part 2
Olfactory Autobiography  - NB An installation designed to evoke a strong emotional response to the participant's scent/memory associations. 
Convergence- TJ   An installation blurring the line between the natural, technological, and spiritual 
Somewhere between earth and curved cosmic space - BB In search of creative probabilities 
The Ease of Disease   - PP Public Health Alert Art Project regarding SARS Virus--PAP 
The Teleparanormalphone  - SD Telephone that can detect incoming ghost calls. SD 
imPLANTRONICS, Inc.  - MS "Building a better YOUser" 


´´´´Conceptual art works based on Patent System
Drinking Apparatus with Consumable Compartment
Drinking straw for the sweet tooth. 
Sherrie Dandan        View Patent 

Integrated GPS network and evasive maneuver training system
Full description of patent claims and image
Patrick Parnell    View Patent
Scent-Emitting Caller Identification
Nicole Best   View Patent
Invisible Tatoio system - View Patent 
Audible soil moisture monitoring apparatus, system and method
Linda Reeves    View Patent