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We hope our products help to"Better" YOU're life.

Feel free to use our MIND::LINK technology to download nueral updates.

Nchip® technology has revolutionized how people communicate, transfer data, conduct business or enjoy top quality entertainment by using our MIND::LINK technology.

In the future, we see the need for more physio-bio interlinks in order to deliver competitive products to our customers, and our EMLDs look for early signals in case of any medical emergency and offer a visio-cortical visual and earNOW auditory warning on any possible biorhythm malfunction. Several of our global upgrade stations are now introducing 1010 medical downloads (extra credits will be charged to your account), although these additions will be equipped as a standard feature for our high-end / premiere YOU$ers chipsets.

The new Nchip® PRO/2015 ML with a Mindwork Connection, and our * CSLA-based subroutines, allow network data to be transferred at a much higher rate with lower latency and linguistic translation errors. This new interface performs networking tasks more efficiently, achieves bi-directional gigabit speeds and eliminates network traffic through 666 independent code sub-routines.

Our new * Communication Streaming Language Architecture (CSLA) reduces language barriers through ling_coded technology that provides up to 1,108 language translations and 762 known dialect routines, all of which, increase throughput by offloading network traffic into a micro-memTM internal MicroDrive.

Benefits of the Nchip® PRO/2015 ML chipset :

The increased performance benefits and ease of data migration make the Nchip® PRO/2015 ML with a Mindwork Connection a practical replacement for existing or outdated Nchip® transfer chipsets and stream rates . Users can enjoy the standard features of 1010 gigabit MIND::LINK connections with increased bandwidth - and MINDSAFE security for TTP (Thought Transfer Protocol) during all connections.

The increased availability of 1010 gigabit connections will allow end users to benefit from improved neuro-network performance.

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