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We hope our products help to"Better" YOU're life.

Feel free to use our MIND::LINK technology to download nueral updates.

Greetings, and welcome to imPLANTRONICS, the makers of Nchip® technology embedded microchips. We are dedicated to helping build a better YOUser!

Our mission is to provide each end YOUser with the best micro-technology in implanted devices. Surf the net, download updates such as new MINDSAFE security packs, and MIND::LINK node protocols.

Our goal is to bring embedded technology, wi-fi connections and access points, secure nodes, nanotechnology, science, medicine, augmented neuro-stimulation and physio-bio monitoring technology and deliver it in a complex, complete and compact design.

Thank you for choosing or showing interest in our company!

This site is completely ficticious and was solely created as a final project - references, sources and sites are valid links...please visit the work being conducted by these progressive thinkers.