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Our history dates back to some of the original pioneers of Bionics, Bio-chips and Nanotechnology.

In the year 2003, with the help of several scientific and educated minds working in the field, people like Theodore W. Berger, Professor Kevin Warwick, and Dr. Philip Kennedy helped pave the way for our current level of Nchip® technology, research and development.

As with most forms of scientific technology, we had many viewpoints to take into account and consideration.

Here are a few examples of various viewpoints, in regards to ethical, moral and political issues that were documented :

[1] [2] [3]

imPLANTRONICS was created in 2003 to pave the way for microchip implants for the purpose of extending the capabilities of humanity.

Our goal since then has been accomplished through insight, hard work, a dedicated, open, scientific community, and pure technological luck!

Since then, we have designed chips for every YOUsers individual need. Whether you're in education, science, micro-programming, entertainment or business, there is a Nchip® for you!

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This site is completely ficticious and was solely created as a final project - references, sources and sites are valid links...please visit the work being conducted by these progressive thinkers.