The Teleparanormalphone

The Product:
The Teleparanormalphone

A telephone that will detect and record cases of "ghost calls".

How it works:
A telephone in which -aside from auto dialing , answering machine and caller id- an extra aparatus is built into the device. This extra apparatus is an electromagnetic field detector -a tool widely used by ghost hunters. Users can detect unusual fluxes of electromagnetic energy through the meter, and if necessary, easily record the receiving voice for later speculation.

Ghost calls?
Ghost calls, aparently, are calls from a deceased individual to a living individual. The receiver may report the call as being full of interference (static, muffled, etc.), and such reports are claimed to have never been recorded by the phone company.
So, if someone receives a call that he or she claims to have been such a circumstance, how can the phenomenon be explained? Perhaps detecting and preserving these calls will bring he or she one step closer (or further away if one's a skeptic) to an explanation.
 EVP (electronic voice phenomena) - the phenomena of spiritual voices recorded on a simple tape recorder- and ITC (instrumental transcommunication)- the use of technical devices (telephones, radios, television, computers, fax machines, etc.) to receive as well as record sights and voices of the dead.
Every electronic device -household or otherwise- transmits a certain level of electromagnetic energy, emitting a field. According to ghost hunters, sudden changes in these fields usually define a presence of a ghost. If a ghost call does occur but phone companies have no record of it, where would that other voice be coming from? If the voice occurs within the phone, then, perhaps the presence would emit a flux in the electromagnetic field. Within the speakers of telephones, an electromagnet is coiled with the copper wires -thus emitting a magnetic field that's capable of changes.

The history:
Ever since the beginning of time people have been fascinated with individuals who serve as mediums who communicate with the dead. Before the invention of telecommunications -telephones, radios, computers, etc- the means of which people can contact another party (though spiritual) is through a medium, shaman, or witch.
The history of the first telecommunications devices records people that believed that, not only can one contact another party, but another world. Inventor Thomas Edison, among his innovations such as the light bulb and motion picture camera, had been working on a device that would allow communication with the spiritual world.
Diane Bertolo's channelUntitled comments on the connection between mediumship and modern telecommunications.
Frances Dyson's essay mentions the phenomena of disembodied voices through the telephone and, similar to Edison, Alexander Grahm Bell's assistant, Watson experimented with the telephone in the hopes of contacting the dead- "...a substitute of mediumship."

Is it true?
Most scientists and skeptics will dismiss this device.
But some experiences should be considered:
ITC researcher Adolf Homes was unsure of the spirit voice he was receiving through his end of the phone. Though ghost calls are usually claimed to be from a dead relative to a living person, Homes had, indeed received a call from a spirit. He took great pains to have the phone company monitor the incoming calls-when they were made and who made them.
Among other research- ghost hunter Patti Star keeps a library of documented experiences of EVPs. With such a phenomena constantly debunked by scientists, something must be said about the number of reports.
 Although there are questions about the voices that we hear through the telephone being the true voice or not -our telephone voices are quite distinctive from our normal "in person" voices. As the sound of our voices transmit through the copper wires of a standard telephone -the bandwidth freqencies below 400Hz and above 3400Hz are eliminated -which, in turn, distorts our voices somewhat into our "telephone voices".
Perhaps some of these "ghost calls" are simply distortions or other voices accidentally leaked through the phone line? Cordless and mobile phones are such cases.

Perhaps, and perhaps not.

Ever since fiber optic cables replaced the copper wires that, once, transmitted phone calls, they're less susceptible to signal distortions and interference.

Why make a Teleparanormalphone?
Technology emerges constantly. And among these new innovations come new and better ways to communicate with other parties. In this time, most of us hardly think about the concept disembodied voices coming from the other end of the phone, radio, or computer. We're so adept to simply picking up the phone or typing a response to an instant message that, most of the time, we hardly wonder if the voice coming from the other side as being the other party's "true voice".
With this device, both skeptics and believers of the paranormal can judge for themselves.

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