The Emotiplant

A plant that shows its gratitude when you water it, stretching its leaves toward you when you come through the door, or curling its leaves in frustration when it wants to be moved to brighter light!

Happy Emotiplant
Sad Emotiplant
The Product
Plantacular Inc. is happy to present, to all houseplant lovers everywhere, the EMOTIPLANT. Ranging in nearly every genus of common houseplants, this breakthrough in genetic engineering and botany will amaze everyone in the household with its ability to display its emotions!
It's been said to houseplant owners again and again...
...that plants benefit from its owners playing music for them and conversing with them. The results: a livelier, healthier, and "happier" plant. With the Emotiplant, the time you give to it to talk and play a few cds for it will show within seconds!
Angry Emotiplant

Shy Emotiplant How does it work?
Immense speculation of the behaviors of carnivorous plants such as the sundew and, more famously, the venus fly trap led to an idea of plants reacting to human contact within seconds, instead of the usual few days. Even more quick of a reaction comes from the plant known as the mimosa -it reacts quickly, drooping its leaves suddenly from the faintest of touch. 
With the similar process done by Laura Cinti with her Cactus Experiment, human DNA responsible for the expressing of emotions have been genetically implanted in common houseplant cells that have been altered to swell and contract like those of the carnivorous kind. The quick responses are also, from the result of genetic cell altering -feeling certain sensitivity pressure like that of the mimosa. 
Plant Cells
More Cells

As with any houseplant, the Emotiplant requires the same kind of care: regular watering, bright sunlight, and the occasional pruning. Emotiplants will greatly appreciate (and will show it too) an occasional spin of a classical cd or a simple greeting. Emotiplants are not recommended for the "occasional" caretaker or overly busy people that cannot spare at least three minutes watering the plants.

A Disclaimer:
We, at Plantacular Inc., are passionate about plants and the lives that grow within them. As with any genetic engineering projects, we are left with questions concerning the taking apart of nature and re-constructing it for our own speculations. Eduardo Kac had pointed out, similarily: with all living organisms that we willingly take into our lives, we have a responsibility to take care of it, to nurture its needs, and to be aware that all living things will display their own feelings from that of fruitful care to negligence.


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