What would happen if we became dependent on technology. To rely on it as if it were our personal assistant. I propose to hack into the personal assistant (the wearble computer). take control of it, and give the user misguided information about their surroundings, temprature, and personal information. Just to find out what the results would be. Upon every start up and shut down a cheshire cat would appear to let the user know that it has been hacked into.

MIT is currently developing wearable computers. It is said to be the next portable computer, and would be built within a vest. The desktop would be viewed through a Micro Optical Clip-On display (they are running Linux as their OS). The idea is to push the Expanse of the use of computers by using sensors and other various communication tools. Essentialy the wearable computer would have the ability to organize our lives. The wearable computer will bring new meaning of how computers will participate in our everyday life. By wearing a computer Users We will no longer be restricted to the constraints of today’s computers.

There is no doubt that computers take an increasingly important role in everyday life. When a personal website or desktop is hacked into not many people know about it. But when a multibillion dollar company is hacked into suddenly it's national news. These are multibillion-dollar corporations you think that they would have enough sense to purchase a network secure enough, so that this would not happen. But they are consumers like the rest of us. Using what is sold to us by the software developing corporations. They (developing corporations) should be held accountable for the loopholes, bugs, and remedies. As we cling onto to their every word. "this is secure".

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