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Inventor(s): Tulloss, Laura, San Francisco, CA
Applicant(s): Tulloss, Laura, San Francisco, CA
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Issued/Filed Dates: March 21 , 2001
Application Number: US2001
IPC Class:
GO9F 013/04
Class: Current: CCL/362/97
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Priority Number(s):
Mar 21, 2001 
Abstract: An assembled wooden storage cabinet containining electroluminescent lighting film which is adhered to the underside of the removable, adjustable shelves. The film is the same width and depth as the shelves. The film is battery operated . It is circuited together to a single wire. The light is activated by opening the cabinet door. The film emits homogenious, high visible light, it stays cool and absorbs low power. It is less than 1mm thick.
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U.S. References:
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First Claim: What is claimed is a wooden storage cabinet that will:
    consist of a wooden base, two side panels, one back panel, with 5 adjustable shelves and two hinged doors that enclose the unit. 
    five pieces of electroluminescent  film will  be adhered under each shelf, illuminating the inside of the cabinet .
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