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View ImagesUS5355803: Monochromatic Viewing Device With Variable Contrast Control and Power Switch

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Inventor(s): Loewen, Kerry, Oakland, CA.
Applicant(s): Loewen, Kerry, Oakland, CA.
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Issued/Filed Dates: March 13 , 2001; February 28, 2001
Application Number: US2001
IPC Class: G03B 17/48;
Class: Current:396/306;345/149;
Field of Search: 707/200,345/150,345/153,370/352
Priority Number(s):
Mar 12 , 2001 -4366634

An optical viewing device that removes chroma and hue information from a field of view. This device is intended to help a photographer envision a photograph that will be printed using the gelatin silver printing technique. The device includes a dial for setting the contrast control from zero to five.

Attorney, Agent, or Firm: N/A
Primary/Assistant Examiners: Nurse Betty

U.S. References:
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Patent   Issued  Inventor(s)  Title
US3759155 09/18/1973 Deml et al. Method of Photographic Color Recording
US4688031 08/18/1987 Haggerty Monochromatic representation of color images
US5726781 03/10/1998 Isemura et al. Image processing for converting color images into monochrome pattern images
US6088053 06/11/2000 Hammack Digital record and replay binoculars
  * some details unavailable

First Claim: What is claimed is a computer operated monocular device that will:
  • Remove the chromatic information from the visual information contained in the eyepiece.
  • A dial to make adjust the contrast ratio contained in the visual information.
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