Reasons for the Study



This experiment is concerned with hormonal influences on the conscious mind. Through this study we will attempt to determine whether experiencing "the other" can help one understand "the other" (sex), or whether, like John Searle's "Chinese Room" analogy, just because you are correctly functioning in the body of "the other" doesn't mean you will understand it. We are betting our investors money that a thorough understanding of gender issues will be forthcoming.

There are many valid uses for this exciting technology.

Couples counseling. Figure out what your spouse is thinking by literally wearing their shoes.

Try before you buy. If you are thinking of getting a sex change operation, we think you should try it out for a month first.

No more war! When the next war breaks out, leaders can have Miss Manners temporarily installed into their body. Peace will once again gently reign.

Related uses

Cloning. Put your mind into your own (younger) body. Become a child genius! If you have ever said, "If I only knew then, what I know now...," then you should understand the potential for this. Of course ethical considerations must be worked out when considering where to place the mind from your clone.


"I think these are good reasons."

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