The stuff dreams are made of, Xenosex makes use of your implant in an effective and pleasurable way, recreating the sexual experience by in essence fooling your mind and thus your body into believing it happened. By downloading a electro-wavelength recording either through your implant via wireless web or manually through one of our discs, our recordings will let you feel every thrust, parry, and riposte of a night in heaven with the man, woman, or gender-ambiguous entity of your fantasies.

Your faint electronic signals, the sort normally shuttling back and forth between our brains and our bodies every instant of our lives, are monitored, digitized, and recorded on yours or one of our implants at the lab. If you want they can also be altered at no extra cost. When we record signals at the height of a sexual experience we can easily play these back and relive the experience over and over again.

If sex is not what you interested in, please visit our affilate site HighRisk Behaviours.