US7006035: Mood Reader "Smart" Juke Box

Inventor(s): Apour, Jonathan D.

Planet Neptune, CA

Applicant(s): None thus far...

Issued: March 17, 2001

Application Number: 5008043045037

ICP Class: G064

Legal Status: NONE

US References: NONE


Abstract: A powerful microprocessor is used in a remote unit to read an individuals biochemical heat readings through their thumb upon entering a room. The unit may be placed near the light switch ideally. The individuals signal is then sent to the main "jukebox" CPU which makes a "mood" decision based on the readings it receives. The CPU is then ready to chose from the appropriate MP3 files to match your mood. The main unit can be connected to PC or Mac via USB and songs can be arranged through included software or directly on the machines LCD display. Over 10,000 songs in up to four different "mood" categories can be selected from depending on the memory installed in the base unit. The four categories: TIRED, HAPPY, SAD, and ANGRY/AMBIVALENT. The catedories are then broken down into three times of day: MORNING, AFTERNOON, EVENING. This allows the machine a more precise decision making process.

Related Applications: Honestly I looked up MP3 players, etc; things of that nature and for some odd reason was not able to pinpoint any, however I know any pantent of that sort is directly related to my invention. If anyone wants to contribute to this idea I would be more than willing to work with you.


First Claim: The jukebox was specifically designed with the idea of bathroom boredom and morning slowness in mind. This is the specific purpose of my invention, however it can be used for other purposes and rooms as well.

Second Claim: Speakers vary according to price and sonic range. Special packages should be offered for the consumer's convenience.




This is the "ORIGINAL" sketch done for the Jukebox. Some information is currently outdated....