The two photos of the hands on the first couple pages were examples of Kirlian Photography. The first photo was taken while the person was fully sober, a rational member of society, blah, blah, blah....SURE.

The second photo was taken after the individual had ingested some psychoactive dope, to be precise XTC and acid, wow, spiritually enlightened crack head, the photos were featured in an issue of Mixmag a couple of months ago.



between a regular leaf and a marijuana leaf....



Well since you asked, it is what many "NEW AGERS"

would refer to as >AURA< photography..............................................

if there is any science behind their claim that it reflects a living organism's

energy field is not my decision, what I do know is this:


The concept of aura as indeed thrived as pseudoscience

..many claim that it has practical uses for medical diagnosis

in...recognizing troublesome cells aura before they actually

manifest..<<<<<in the physical.


ALSO>There are references to a "human energy field" in over 97 different cultures, even Christian paintings and glass works depict a Christ with the halo of light eminating from his head...the Buddhist and Hindu references are more obvious<Many out of body experiencers and near DEATH experiencers also report the flight as being accompanied by auric vision upon ascencion.



In the 1800's, Mesmer, the father of modern hypnotism, suggested that a field similar to an electromagnetic field might exist around the human body. Mesmer suggested that the power of this electromagnetic field, which he believed behaved as a fluid, might also be able to exert influence on the field of another.


>>>>In the mid-1800's, Count Von Reichenbach spent 30 years experimenting with the human energy field, whcih he called the odic field. He found that this field showed many properties which were similar to the electromagnetic field described by James Clark Maxwell in the early 1880's.


However, Von Reichenbach also showed that with the odic force, like poles attract. In other words, like attracts like. In his work, "Physico-physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, In Their Relation to Vital Force", printed in New York in 1851>>>>>

Von Reichenbach showed that electropositive elements gave his subjects feelings of warmth, and that this produced unpleasant feelings. In the reverse, electronegative elements produced cool and agreeable feelings.

He also found that the odic field could be conducted through a wire. It traveled slowly at 13 feet per second. This speed depended on the density of the wire rather than its conductivity. He showed that part of this odic field could be focused like a light through a lens, while another part of this odic field would flow around the lens, like a candle flame flows around something placed in its path. Air currents would also move this part of the odic field.

This suggests a composition similar to a gas. Von Reichenbach's experiments suggest the odic or auric field is energetic, like a light wave, and also particulate, like a fluid. Also, he showed the right side of the body as being a positive pole, and the left as negative. This agrees with the ancient Chinese principles of yin and yang.



Red: vitality, extroversion, assertion

Yellow: intellect & mind, openness

Purple: visionary, faith

Blue: tranquility, peace, inner balance

Green: healing, growth, change

Pink: love, sensitivity, gentleness

White: oneness with the source



so what.....