Treasured Moments In Surveillance Disruption

'no one shall be subjected to arbitrary
                          interference with his/her privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his/her
       honor and reputation.'



Somebody Is Watching You


The Problem

Example of the Misuse of Surveillance

Possible Solutions

Another Solution

Art Proposal:

The art proposal for this is simple: a photo essay chronicling the use of and disruption or destruction of surveillance cameras.  This can be facilited through the building of a device
that would be capable of disrupting a  video cameras internal signal, or capable of disrupting the transmitting signal of a wireless camera, or it can be facilitated through use of the
hammer.  The photo essay may imitate the disruption and/or destruction, or the disruption and/or destruction may really take place.  The intent of the photo essay would be to protest
the increasing use of surveillance camera systems and to inform about them.


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