United States Patent  9,154,251
Landi November 28, 2003

System for producing and storing visual data through the use of eye glass and belt buckle system.


A system for producing still digital photographic images  in which images are created according to the focus  of the viewers eye through special photographic eyeglasses.  These images are then recorded through a digital memory stick implanted in a common belt buckle.  The camera is triggered by the blinking movement of the eye, recording a still image according to the information that the camera system, imbedded in the eye glasses, reads from the the retina of the eyeball.  The image is then transferred via radio signal to the digital memory device which is hidden in the belt buckle.  With every blink of the eye a digital still photograph is created and stored, where at after a period of approximately 12 hours the memory device will be connected to a personal computer and the images uploaded and edited. In another embodiment the photographic images are captured through a special photographic contact lens and digitally stored in a specially crafted wrist watch with an embedded digital memory system.

Inventors:  Landi; Jeffrey R. (758 Mission St., Apt. F-44, San Francisco, CA 94122) 
Apple. No.: 8,004,444
Filed:  April 17, 2001
Current U.S. Class: 396/25/49/51/56,351/210,356,375/130/141
Intern'l Class:  G03B 13/36
Field of Search:   396/25/49/51/56,356,375/130/141

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I claim:

1. A system for producing multiple digital still images throughout the course of the day:

2. A digital camera built in to a pair of eyeglasses which is triggered by the blinking of the eye;

3. Means for storing said images;

4. Means for transferring said still images from said camera into a digital data format;

5. Means for concealing photographic equipment in eye glasses;

6. Means for concealing digital storage system in belt buckle



The present invention relates generally to the field of photography. More specifically, the present invention discloses a system for producing still images that embody a combined sense of surveillance and street photograph. With every blink of the eye an image is created.  The eyeglasses read the image from the retena of the eye and transmit the information to a digital storage device, that is convientiently hidden in a belt buckle, where at the end of the day all succesful images can be uploaded and saved on a computer.


Presently, street photographers and surveillance experts do not have access to such a covert means of precise image capturing that this device offers.  Their are no such devices that do not give some hint to the subject that a photograph is being taken at such a close distance.  With this device the photographer can be within twelve inches of the subject and the subject would have no visible or  audible indication that an image is being taken of them.

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