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The advent of genetic sequencing, affordable supercomputing and the GeneScript(tm) programming language have made the imaging of butterfly wings possible, if not simple.

The entire process is patented, and we have not yet negotiated any licenses, so you can only get these magnificent creatures from Artistic License.

We automatically register any order of one million or more as a viable new species, with your corporate name in the title.

Not Posticus Overnighticus and Visa Charge species.

Artistic License models butterfly DNA in a super computer and uses an advanced algorithm to determine the outcome of subtle changes to the patterning sequences. A proprietary programming language called GeneScript TM allows nearly a 95% accuracy in the prediction of new patterns to the wing membrane. DNA strands are created in the lab first to match logo colors then we use Gene Script TM to craft the logo. Multiple tests are run on our computers to calculate the final result. The days of computing time that it currently takes to model the RNA work would have taken years in the past. The result is that simple organisms can be entirely modeled in the computer saving weeks of growing samples and selective breeding to create perfect logo-flys.