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Hubris Inc was formed in 1996 as a vehicle to achieve ends not normally thought possible, nor acceptable to the public at large. We see ourselves as the Avant Garde of corporate interest, and are sure that what we do today will be acceptable if not common in ten years.

Our goal is to take on projects at the cutting edge of technology and make them work, or rather make them pay for themselves.

Artistic License is a division which proudly sponsors artists to work with emerging technologies to create high profile safe spaces where the public can come to appreciate potentially threatening technologies. It also incorporates criminal activity and environmental suicide in a manner only a true artist can get away with.

ego.com focuses entirely on self promotion and image rebuilding. We are unabashed and proud in our aims because frankly nature does not have corporate interests at heart.

Our latest project of butterfly manipulation has its roots in early non-genetic experiments conducted by Marta de Menezes. New technology and the recent sequencing of over 25 species of butterfly have yielded amazing advances. The result is that we have been able to identify the pattern marking code in the genetic structure. Computer analysis and modeling has revealed the key to shape, color form and line in these delicate creatures. Corporate parks will never be the same again!

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Why corporate logos? Although the Mona Lisa, a Mark Rothko, Kincaid, or a Jackson Polluck might appeal aesthetically, but no one will pay for a million Thomas Kincai's. The focus of this project by Artistic License is to impact nature and only a greedy megacorp is capable of doing this in a lasting manner by poisoning the genepool of such a delicate creature. Only an artist can do this with impunity, only an artist can keep this dialog "safe."

Only corporate sponsorship can permit an artist to investigate these new expensive arenas of technology.

Hense the marriage between artist and technologist and business.