United States Patent The racial harmony and age correction device inventor- Thompson; Brendan D. , San Francisco, CA 941107 issued file dates- jan 4,2001 / March 16,2001 application number- eg. US1979000047666 field of search- 666/010 350/96 R,96 B,293,298,200 356/247,13 IPC Class G02B 27/22 references cited- Fiber optic video glasses and projection system stereoscopic video system THREE "D" WEAPONS SIGHT HELMET-MOUNTED HOLOGRAPHIC AIMING SIGHT Attorney Agent of Firm- Woodrow, Snowball, Felcher and Gerbler abstract- An improved sighting device for racial harmony mounted on a pair of ordinary eyglasses includes a dual parabolic visor slidably positioned on a cranium. The visor is in the form of two parabolas; and when locked in position, one parabola is in front of each eye of the wearer. The focal point of each parabola is at a prescribed point on the upper leading edge of the optical cavity. Fiber optic bundles, located at each focal point are connected to cathode-ray tubes and project a series of dots on to the visor in front of each eye of the wearer to simulate, in three dimensions, the desired race and age of an approaching individual, if the individual were of any given race as sellected by the user the device uses pre-programmed racial imageing technology to recreate the desired race and age. claims 1. The sight of claim 2 where the are two cameras mounted to the side of a pair of eyeglasses. Where these two cameras transmitted a video feed to a hip mounted computer. 2. The sight of claim 1 where the hip mounted computer uses advances in software to determine the race and age of the individual being viewed. 3. Where the race and age as desired by the user is selcted and transferred to the optically mounted cathode rays then feed the corrected sight onto the users lens blending with the field of vision. 4. Where the race and age of the aformentioned individual is "corrected". 5. The sight of claim 4 where racial harmony is restored and we all enjoy the freshness of youth--BSB rules!