It is believed that dreams both good and bad 
float through the air all day and night searching for their
destination. While sleeping under a Dream catcher, one may
feel secure that bad dreams being confused and ill intentioned
get caught in the web to perish with the first light of day,
while the good dreams, knowing the right way, easily slip through
the center hole, work their way down the web catching all the
good energies of the stones and adornment, floating down the
feathers and onto the dreamers head. One never need fear bad
dreams again while sleeping under a smudged, or blessed
dream catcher.


When we are asleep, we undergo a cyclic physiological state occurring every 90 minutes. During these cycles there is a heightened brain activation including a burst of rapid eye movement (REM). Our breathing and heart rate increase, and paralysis of bodily movement occurs, although the person asleep is physically highly aroused. 70-95 % of people awakened during REM sleep report dreams, in contrast to 5-10 % of awakenings during non-REM sleep. This fact let scientists assume that REM and dreaming are synonymous and dreams are meaningless images triggered by signals sent by the brain stem.



REM SLEEP _________





However, if these images were only due to chemical reactions in our brain, and meaningless well, why have humans for as long as at least 3000 years tried to interpret dreams or even followed them as inspirational paths for life?

How many times do we wake up in confusion tormented or pleased by our dreams. Sometimes we do not remember any of our dreams (though it is a physiological fact that we all dream every night). But we still wake up not knowing what hit us, why we are exhausted, although we ate well before bed and slept enough hours.


The traditional DREAM CATCHER has finally been extended. Not only can dreams be led away spiritually, but also physically. The during REM sleep produced electrical activities of the brain will make a detour to the ELECTRIC DREAM CATCHER.

Applied in the form of a pillow case we can comfortably sleep while the ELECTRIC DREAM CATCHER measures our brain activity and at its heightened stage (the REM phase) lowers the activity, just before the dream stage. We will still receive REM sleep which is neurological necessary for our brains, however we will wake up rested, without confusion about the images of the night, starting the new day to the "real" reality of our lives.