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Inventor(s): Spohrer; Bela, Young; Frank , San Francisco, CA.
Applicant(s): McTechnoGod, Briancon, France.
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Issued/Filed Dates: February 25, 2001
Application Number: US1993000008987
IPC Class: G09G 1/00;
Class: Current:707/200;345/150;
Field of Search: 707/200,345/150,345/153,370/352
Priority Number(s):
Feb 25, 2001 FR1992000000931

A method and apparatus for the authoring and distributing of theological systems. The system includes a processor programmed to control (and optionally also calibrate) a theological data set in response to user selection of displayed virtual controls. Preferred embodiments of the system includes circuitry within the display device which operates under control of software in response to user-entered commands for adjustment of parameters of the display device.

In preferred embodiments, the processor is programmed with software which stores multiple types of theological data in separate data files; executes an operation which periodically and automatically polls the status of the display; displays two-dimensional controls with horizontal and vertical segments which a user can drag to vary parameters such as greatness, influence, conscience, presence, linear, cyclic, mono/poly, worship, and god size or position; displays controls enabling a user conveniently to select either a maximum displayed theological intensity value or a linear combination of two or more theologies.

Includes a telecommunications environment wherein the dialing of a directory number which has been ported triggers an intelligent network signal which is directed to the Internet. The signal is transmitted through the Internet to a database in the Internet. The database returns call set up directions which are used by the originating switching system to establish a link from the calling station to the station having the ported number, enabling users to publish theological systems to the Internet, and to establish communication between authors of similar theological configurations.

Attorney, Agent, or Firm: N/A
Primary/Assistant Examiners: Mudflash Laboratories

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First Claim: What is claimed is: 

    1. An apparatus for generating, calibrating, publishing and disseminating theological data sets - including:

  • a user interface and authoring environment for theological systems.
  • graphical calibration and manipulation of theological parameters.
  • a plurality of data entry folders with a data entry in a database, wherein each of said plurality of data entry folders illustrates a type of theological information to be stored with said data entry.
  • a diety emulator which mirrors operative metaphoric objects currently displayed.
  • means to configure said emulator.
  • a telecommunications port from which finalized theological configurations can be published to the Internet.
  • a person-to-person file sharing and communications system allowing users with similar theological configurations to exchange information.
  • a program-native Internet browser to facilitate said exchange.

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