DOKODEMO (anywhere) ROOM


I want to go see under the ocean in Indonesia! 

Please click on the door.



I like TV animation called "Doraemon" in Japan. Doraemon is a robot with human heart who has come from the future.

Doraemon has a pocket in which he can reach to many convenient goodies from the future.

My favorite one is "Dokodemo (Anywhere) Door," which can take you to any place you wish, just by attaching it on the any wall, setting the dial on the door knob and opening the door.

So "Dokodemo (Anywhere) Door" is actually a teleporting machine, but since we do not have the technology yet , my product idea is creating a "Dokodemo Room" with realistic 3D illusions in the air to make you feel like you have teleported to the place.


How It Works?



To create the whole atmosphere of the place,  the combination of the advanced laser holography and the mirage bowls are used for this Dokodemo Room. User can input the location at the interface on the door. The information is sent to the computer, which is located in the wall of the outer room and load the pre-programmed images.  Under the floor,  there are computerized Mirage Bowls to create animated individual 3D image in the space. The numbers of lasers and lens are located in the outer room wall and the beams will reach the inner room via small holes on the wall. Beams from lasers are intersect each other and  project the larger atmosphere and images on the wall and space.




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