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Inventor(s): Akasaka; Ayumi. , So San Francisco, CA
Applicant(s): Akasaka; Ayumi. , So San Francisco, CA
Issued/Filed Dates: Mar 12, 2001 / Feb. 20, 2001

Application Number: US2001000375124

IPC Class: G07F 7/08;

ECLA Code: G07F7/00;

Class: Current: 194/210; 194/217; 235/381;
Original: 194/210; 194/217; 235/381;

Field of Search: 194/206,207,208,209,210,217,218 235/381,383


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24 hours available vending machines located inside an enclosed room with advanced security system. You are asked to insert credit card and ID as security deposit prior to going in this room. This will let you in the first room with an advanced scanning system. Once you are in, the door is locked and nobody else can go in. You are scanned and asked to put any metal objects in a box prior to entering the second room. You' are monitored for security reason. If you destroy something on purposely, you will be locked until police comes and fees will be charged on your card. You have up to 10min to buy various items from vending systems in the second room. You are prompted to leave after 10min to avoid loitering. After 15 min, second door opens and a wall will move to kick you out. If you are finished in 10 min you can just touch second door, the door opens and you will receive your receipt, belongings, ID and credit card back. Then the first door opens to let you out.
Attorney, Agent, or Firm: NA

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Background/Summary: When I first came to the U.S. I noticed that there was no vending machines on the streets. I was surprised because in Japan all kinds of vending machines such as drinks, liquor, rice and Tobaccos etc. are available 24 hours everywhere on the streets and people depend on them a lot. I soon realized the reason for no vending machines on the streets in the U.S. was because some people would destroy the machines so quickly. I thought it is shameful that just because of some stupid people, the rest of good people cannot get the convenient services. So I came up with this idea.
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