A Veil of Noise

Sometimes it is said, that television will be the death of the book. Unlike all the other times people say that something will mean the death of the book (or any other medial for that matter), when it is said about television, it's not a complement. With the sheer amount of drivel that flies through the air each day, the sheer saturation of it must lower our collective IQ by fifty points.

Veil of Noise.

Take a mask, a veil, and entire head-covering. Make its pattern be TV shows. Any channel, all of them, constantly changing. Days of Our Lives on the back of the head and Oprah where the eyes should be. Identity subsumed by a cloak of fleeting images.

The person would cease to have a face and instead wears the face of society. The collective conciousness, staring out. The avatar of humanity would go out among humanity and show them themselves. What will they think? Would they stare at themselves, and see who they are? Would they after all like themselves?

the uses of ink

The most forseen use of Electronic Ink is in the creation of the so-called Last Book. This would be a book-shaped object whose pages can be reconfigured to display any text in its memory. The Last Book would render all existing physical texts obsolete. This is all well and good, and I'm eagerly awaiting such a device. I need to explore other uses of Gyricon, however. This is a daunting task. Essentially, anything that makes use of pigments is a candidate for being fitted with changable pigments. There can be paintings whose lighting changes to match the room conditions or the sun's position in the world outside. Clothing can have animated patterns. Some sort of Last Poster can be put together, and it comes with a remote control. The possibilities are truly endless.