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United States Patent 7,283,361
Denton  Nov 29, 2004

Method and device for replication of behavior patterns


A method and mental apparatus for the replication and parasitism of a behavior pattern or cultural mode is disclosed. Said behavior pattern or cultural mode is packaged into a reduced form and is propogated via human communication. This method enables pattern or mode to conceal itself within existing patterns or modes within the host system, and enables it to extract itself at a later time, minimally changed. The device is the explicit implementation of said method. This device exists solely within the cognitive space of the host, and exibits those properties as above.

Inventors: Denton; W. Andrew, (San Francisco, CA)  
Assignee: The Flying Snail Group (Los Angeles, CA)  
Appl. No.: 714460
Filed: March 15, 2001

Current U.S. Class: 434/433; 434/433
Intern'l Class: A61M 021/00
Field of Search: 434/156, 433 371/048, 021.1, 071, 001, 020.1 395/680, 280 D09/337, 499 D14/120, 299

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Primary Examiner:  Vryce, Damien Kilcannon
Attorney, Agent or Firm: Weisberg & Associates


The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows:

1. A method of fabricating a self-replicating pattern of behavior, cultural mode or norm, or the like, the method comprising:

(a) reducing the behavior implied by the pattern to its fundamentals;

(b) packaging the behavior in a vehicle which assures maximum propagation through the environment;

(c) an apparatus that prevents the contents from being changed due to mutation while in the environment; and

(d) an apparatus which prevents rejection of the vehicle while in transit or dormant.

2. A method of causing the vehicle to deliver its payload at some pre-determined point in the future.

3. A method of enabling the pattern, mode or norm to be recovered from the vehicle and become active.


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