Gene therapy seeks to alter human construction by removing those parts of our human existence are deemed "unhealthy" or not worthy of having.

Cancer. Not good, in fact it can be bad.

Height, good? Not if you live in a country that is made for smaller people.

The Genome project will have mapped the entire Human Genome or the "MAP" of the human species will have been codified and therefore maleable within the next 5 years. What will happen to us if we as humans with the "free will" to choose are given just that: choice. Would you choose to have a child with your moher's proclivity towards deviant behavior or would you prefer to block the heart disease gene that your father bestowed upon you?

I say bring it on.

I am my mother and fathers child.

Clone and imbue my clone with all that is me.

My fathers death from cancer, my mothers addiction to cigarettes, my fathers tendency towards depression, my grandmothers death of cancer, my grandfathers woamanizing (socialized behavior? possibly) but give it to "me". I want to know that my mothers neurotic behavior is flowing and that her nervous breakdown is possible at anytime given the right social setting.

Cloning need not be only about the "positive" but it is also about who we are by whom we come from.

Therefore clone me, clone all of me.