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Inventor(s): Erif; Blaze , Phoenix, U.S.
Applicant(s): Fire Magic Inc., Phoenix, U.S. 
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Issued/Filed Dates: Oct. 28, 1999 / Jun. 5, 1999 
Application Number: US1993000008987
IPC Class: F42B 027/00;
Class: Current:102/487;102/254102/486
Field of Search: 102/254,482,486,487,488 
Priority Number(s):
Jun. 6, 1999 FR1992000000931 Family
Abstract: Pyrotechnic machine capable of ejecting multiple flamible gases simultaneously or singularly via pressurized driving chambers. There are six gas ejection systems gathered circularly bellow an ignition device. Each ejection system is composed of a flamible gas suppLy tank connected to two working cylinders and working pistons to pump the gas into the nozzel, which directs the fluid streem to a common ignition device. A control system which actuates gas generators governs the supply gas to driving chambers.
Attorney, Agent, or Firm: Perry Mason 
Primary/Assistant Examiners: Piccard, La Forge, Troi & Data

U.S. References:
  (No patents reference this one)
Patent   Issued  Inventor(s)  Title
US05721392 10 /1994 Robinet et al. Pyrotechnic Ignition Device
US3505959* 2 /1970 Inagaki et al. PIEZOELECTRIC GAS LIGHTER
US04220443 9 /1980 Bear et al. Elactro-mechanical chemical firearm device
US03872769 3 /1975 Rosling et al. Cartridge actuated flame system
  * some details unavailable

First Claim: What is claimed is: 
    1. Pyrotechnic system capabel of produceing flames of changing and multiple colors.
    2. Six gas ejection systems each contain a flamible gas supply tank. Each tank contains one of the following gases:
  • strontium nitrate for red
  • calcium chloride for orange
  • potassium nitrate for yellow
  • barium nitrate for green
  • copper sulfate for blue
  • lithium chloride for purple

  • 3. Two working pistons and cylinders, 180% out of phase, are connected by a hydraulic line whereby movemens of one driving piston in one diection forces the other driving piston in the reverse direction to reset and reload the mechanism for continuous flow of gas.

    4. Petroleum gas generators power each set of working pistons and cylinders.
    5. Gas generators are connected to a control means for selective activation of gas genereators.

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Foreign References:
Publication Country Date IPC Class
FR02389094 France 12 /1978  
FR02447006 France 2 /1980  
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