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Buy a three dimensional estimate of your facial features based on your DNA!

Due to the latest advances in DNA fingerprinting it is now possible to pinpoint the exact genes that determine human facial features. To take advantage of this remarkable discovery the 511 Organization has invested in a fully automatic DNA sequencer. This machine performs the Southern Blot test necessary to create a DNA fingerprint that can be used to estimate the facial features of the donor. This estimate is then be loaded into our pod C3D-2030 system, which then creates a wire frame three dimensional model. Your model will be delivered to you on a CD ROM within two weeks of our receiving your DNA sample. Once you have your 511 Organization 3D Model it can be used as a screen saver or a unique addition to your family album.

This technology is surprisingly accurate.

Take a look at our technician, Murphy Johnson, and the 3D model we developed from his DNA sample.

Although some models will not precisely resemble the person they are based on, seeing the interesting quirks in your DNA virtually come to life can also be interesting. This amazing image can be obtained for $798. Besides providing us with the necessary funds to make your 3D model, part of this sum will be used to finance other areas of research within this field. Currently we are investing in the development of DNA fingerprints that can create a 3D facial model of the parents of the donor and another 3D model that predicts the facial features of the offspring of two donors. Order a free kit that contains further information and the materials necessary for you to obtain a DNA sample within the comfort and safety of your own home.

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