My investigations over the last two months into the nature of sound have led me to conclude that sound while most certainly is (in so far as anything can be)  objective phenomenan that possesses an inherant and essential structure, this structure, like all others can never be seen in its totality.  This is because all devices,  all tools of perception, all systems of filtration be they mechanical, organic, or digital are biased both through  augmentation and/or  omission of the actual input.  While the communication of ultimate reality is (at least it seems) a Blakeian  fantacy,  I may, by employing a variety of different perceptual/ representational systems enhance the perciever's sense of what confronts him/her, and there by raise conciousness and appreciation of the unseen, and of the limitations of human understanding.

The following images link to various proposed sculptural instalations and other physical demonstrations of sound