Stationary Bicycle Powered Electric Generator for Personal Electronics

Inventor: Heather Logas

Applicant / NA

Application #: 6662001

Ipc Class: H02P 8/00;

Class:   363/013; 310/010; 482/092

Field of Search:  363/013; 310/010; 482/092, 903


A generater powered by a stationary bicycle for the purposes of generating electricity for personal electronics. A generator is connected to a stationary bicycle in such a way as the circular rotation of the front wheel rotates the coils of wires inside the generator between the poles of the magnets inside the generator. The resulting direct current (DC) is channeled to the attatched power strip, into which a number of electrical appliances could be connected.


Background of Invention :

1. Field of invention: To create a generator that is converts the mechanical energy created by using a stationary excercise bicycle to electrical energy .
2. Background: In the modern age, there are more and more electrical devices which do the work that human beings once had to do physically. As more and more people spend more and more of their days in front of computers, other concerns, such as health, are overlooked. Computer workers sit for long periods of each day in front of a computer terminal and do not get the excercise they need for healthful living. Computers, at this point in time, are operated by electricity through traditional electric lines. This device is compatible with standard plugs and includes enough outlets for all the sundry computer peripherels. By having the electricity supplied to the computer through physical enegry created by the computer worker, the computer is powered, essentially, by the physical effort and cardiovascular excercise of the worker.

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