Art & Emerging Research - 2000 Project Summaries

Lillith Bailey-Kroll Project 1 - A system to make breath visible (for example in yoga or dance)

patent - Projection system that allows people to see different projections based on position

Alex Streczyn Project 1 - System to bring down the Internet

Project 2 - A visual cellular automata system

Patent- evolving autonomous house

Jeremy Ehling Project 1 - Virtual Labyrinth - a virtual and physical space that match exactly

Project 2 - A videoconference optimized for international "cypher" rapping

Heather Logas Project 2 - Autonomous bat robot

Patent - a bicycle system to power personal electronics

Laura McDonald Project 1 - system to generate 3-d image of your face based on DNA

Project 2 - A "safe" fire that burns cool

Patent - rainbow fire system

Lisa Husby Project 1 - Dream Home - techno house for women
Kenric McDowell Project 1 - Immersive sound space

Project 2 - Project for direct musicfrom seismic signals

Project 3 - A 3-D system for displaying essays

Rene Garcia Clone system for full range of traits -
Jesse Jackson Project 1 A sculpture generating system

Patent - dream recognition system

Mark Gretzinger Project 1 - how expensive would bionic man be today

Project 2 - A personal "constellation" system of small satelites that can be controlled from earth

Patent - bicycle shoulder attachment