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Technology Full Coverage Last Updated  Feb 16 8:27 PM EST
Full Coverage > TechnologyCyber Attacks Investigation
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CNN: Insurgency on the Net
MSNBC: Internet Underground
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Web Benefits Outweigh Hacker Risks - Analysts (2/10/00)
IP, Freely - Suck (Feb 15, 2000)
The Hackers' Lessons - NY Times (registration req'd) (Feb 15, 2000)



Latest Developments
(AP) - The nation's top law enforcement officials on Wednesday described "fast-developing leads" finding the electronic vandals who shut down major Internet sites last week. But they also acknowledged serious challenges in the manhunt, saying the hackers were sophisticated enough to falsify their digital fingerprints. More... 
News Stories
U.S. Officials Lay Out Plan to Fight Computer Attacks
FBI Seeks Hackers in Web Attacks (2/16/00)
The week in review: Stopped cold (2/12/00) 
Difference Between Good Hackers and Bad Ones Can Often Be a Blur (2/12/00) 
Redesigning the Internet: Can it be less vulnerable? (2/11/00) 
Q&A About This Week's Hacker Attacks (2/11/00) 
Web's 'Ethical Hacker' Has Alarmingly Easy Job (2/10/00) 
Web Benefits Outweigh Hacker Risks - Analysts (2/10/00)
Hackers Attack Top Web Sites For Third Day (2/10/00)

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