Interactive Installation


This is an interactive piece in which a person first recieves an ultrasound image of their heart.


While they are watching this imaging of their heartbeat, they will be listening to the music their body is composing through headphones.  This is possible by making the inaudible sound, audible.  I have composed songs, each three cords (18 notes) long.  Each cord is determined by body-type and are combined to make each person's bodily soundtrack.

The heart beat determines the tempo, while fat content, muscle mass, and bone density determine the cords.  For any one of the health components that is healthy, a major cord will play (a more positive tone), while for any component that is deemed unhealthy, a minor cord will play (negative in tone).

Less Fat = G Major                         More Fat = D Minor
More Muscle Mass = C Major         Less Muscle Mass = G Minor
High Bone Density = D Major         Less Bone Density = C Minor

Any combination of three cords can play depending on the person.  For example, if someone was completely fit, with Less fat, High muscle mass and bone density, a happy tune of the three major cords G, C, & D will play.  Any variation in the person's health will correspond with a variation in the cords.  Therefore making inaudible sound, audible.