I want to see movies of my dreams
        For my final project I set out to research the technology needed to record ones dreams.  I felt this was a pertinent topic, not only for when I do not remember what I dreamt at all, but also for the times that I do remember my dreams.  Even though I may remember the main parts, I can never really piece together everything, because there is always that extremely strange person I haven't seen in ten years, or that place I haven't been since I was a child, that always throws off my complete memory.

        What I initially set out to find was if technology existed that would allow one to transfer the dreams they had the night before onto a standard VCR tape.  I found that this technology does not, and most likely will not exist for years to come, although I did find out some extremely interesting information along the way.

        First I have written a short definition of what exactly it was that I was trying to capture:

Mental Imagery

Mental imagery is experience that resembles perceptual experience, but which occurs in the absence of the appropriate stimuli for the relevant perception (c.f. Fink, 1989; McKellar, 1957). Very often these experiences are understood by their subjects as echoes or reconstructions of actual perceptual experiences from their past; at other times they may seem to anticipate possible, often desired or feared, future experiences. Thus imagery has often been believed to play a very large, even pivotal, role in both memory and motivation . It is also commonly understood as centrally involved in visuo-spatial reasoning and inventive or creative thought. Indeed, it has usually been regarded as crucial for all thought processes, although, during the 20th century in particular, this has
been called into question.

        This link will lead you to a more in depth definiton dealing with the terminological and definitional Problems:

        I then composed a short list of the online organazations that I used as resources in my research:

        Next I found some related technologies products that are somewhat like what I was looking for:

        The final step in my research was to interview a person in the related research field.  The interview is located at