Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD)  is a non-profit,
                    international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the pure and applied
                    investigation of dreams and dreaming. Its purposes are to promote an
                    awareness and appreciation of dreams in both professional and public arenas; to
                    encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming; to
                    advance the application of the study of dreams; and to provide a forum for the
                    eclectic and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information. You can
                    contact  ASD at: P.O. Box 1600,  Vienna, VA 22183 Phone: (703)-242-0062
                    Fax:(703)-242-8888, or visit the website at

                    Bay Area Dreamworkers Group (BADG)  Since 1985, the BADG has
                    provided a forum for dream enthusiasts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area
                    to meet, network, and share their dream related endeavors. In addition to
                    scheduled meetings in members' homes, BADG sponsors local peer dream
                    sharing groups and social gatherings such as summer picnics, costume balls,
                    and annual winter holiday parties. It is an excellent way to meet new friends and
                    colleagues.Members of BADG collaborate in other ways, such as guest
                    presentations at each others' classes or groups, and in larger events, festivals
                    and conferences. A directory of BADG members and affiliates is published and
                    updated regularly. To join BADG or to get more information, contact Eric
                    Snyder, 707) 824-9121 or email

                    Dream Wheel is an educational center which seeks to foster appreciation and
                    skills in the art and practice of dreamwork for citizens and professionals at
                    home,  at work, and in community life. The Dreamwheel offers workshops,
                    trainings, and related events for lay people and professionals which are
                    designed to support the development of dreamwheels (circles of
                    dreamworkers), and the networking of resources among dreamworkers. The
                    Dreamwheel also provides consultation and instruciton to individuals,
                    businesses and organizations, to pre-existing and newly forming dream groups,
                    and makes referrals to area dream groups and helping professionals. The
                    Dreamwheel, 191 Sudbury Road, Concord, MA 01742-3423. Email
          , Telephone/fax 978-369-2634.

                    DreamGate, a partner with Dream Tree,  offers links and connections to
                    classes, bibliographies, a cyberlibrary, groups and Electric Dreams e-zine. Visit

                    European Association for the Study of Dreams (EASD) exists to
                    promote awareness and appreciation of dreams in the general public as well as
                    within the scientific community.The EASD brings together a large range of
                    people interested in the study of dreams, professional or other : analysts,
                    artists,  researchers, teachers, ethnologists, psychologists, lucid or ordinary
                    dreamers, therapists, etc. Their  activities include :

                           Organisation of a biennial European congress on dreams.
                           Computerrised databank of literature on sleep and dreams, in English
                           and in French.
                           Training in onirology (the study of dreams).

                    For more information, visit the website at //
                    or contact c/o Alain Feld, 39 rue Henri Maus, BP 400 - Liège 1 Belgique Tél. :
                    (32) 41 53 03 57.

                    The Lucidity Institute  is dedicated to the advancement of research on the
                    nature and potentials of consciousness and to the application of the results of
                    this research to the enhancement of human health and well-being. The Lucidity
                    Institute, 2555 Park Blvd, Suite 2, Palo Alto, CA 94306-1919  Tel: 1-800 GO
                    LUCID (465-8243) or +1 415-321-9969 Fax: +1 415-321-9967  Email:
           , or visit the website at

                     Nashville Dream Awareness Circle was established in September 1984,
                    and began meeting in the homes of the members.  In September 1995, they  had
                    outgrown that venue and made the decision to meet publicly.  They arranged
                    with  Magical Journey Books to use their upstairs meeting room, and have been
                    meeting there each Sunday (except holidays) ever since. While they have no
                    membership fees, or requirements to buy anything, they  do accept a voluntary
                    "love offering" to help defray operating expenses such as room rental,
                    advertising, printing and distributing flyers, and maintaining a membership

                    "We practice a gentle form of dreamwork designed to help us explore the
                    themes and issues in our lives that have been highlighted by our nightly
                    dreams.  In our group, not only is dream sharing always voluntary, but the
                    person who had the dream is the final authority about the meaning of the dream
                    for him or herself.  Each dream is explored on its own terms, not made to fit a
                    pre-existing theory.  Our methods are chosen from most appropriate methods
                    developed by psychologists and dream researchers worldwide, yet they can
                    easily be learned and practiced by anyone whatever their background. This is
                    not psychotherapy, and we are not affiliated with any other organization.  We
                    are a circle of everyday, ordinary people who have discovered the great value of
                    working toward our potential in this extraordinary way, and we would be very
                    pleased to have you join us in our adventure."  For more information, visit the
                    website at or e-mail

                    Novato Dream Library & Archive   Located in Novato, California, just
                    30 minutes north of San Francisco, this unique and expanding resource is a
                    magnet drawing dreamworkers and dreamers from all over the U.S., Canada,
                    Mexico, Australia, and Europe. Holdings of over 1400 titles of dream-related
                    books, audio and video tapes, theses, pamphlets and periodicals. Repository
                    for dream articles,   flyers, resumés, news clippings, cartoons, photos, sheet
                    music, slides and art. P.O. Box 866, Novato CA 94948 USA. Phone    (415)
                    898-2559. Visit the Novato Dream Library online at