Holography first began in 1947, when it was discovered by a British scientist named, Dennis Gabor. This technology was not planed on being discovered at first. Dennis originally set out to revise the electron microscope, and in doing so discovered a new technology called holography. The word "hologram" came from the Greek words holos, meaning "whole", and gamma meaning "message". After Gabor's discovery, development came to a stand still because their was not a light source that had the power to generate such visuals. This problem was finnally disolved in 1960 with the invention of the laser light. Laser light gave of the power to generate such a visual and the art and technology of holography soon developed at a fast rate. Soon after new creations of this technology were being spawned, one of them being 3d cinematography. In 1972 white light holography was combined with film to make 3D images. This technology helped make it possible to create a 3d image of an x rayed object. Now it is possible to make a hologram that appeals to all the senses of the brain, with the exception of smell.



Many people seem to think this technology is difficult to understand, but once brocken down into individual parts it's easy. The light is one of the most important materials used in the creation of a hologram. Once light is generated from a laser, it is then seperated in two beams of light, by using a beam splitter. One beam is reflected on to the holographic flim and the other beam is directed on to the object of focus. The light is reflected on the object to give it illumination and this allows the holographic film to pick up the object. This subject light carries information about the texture,location,shape, and size of the object. Without this information the hologram could not be projected in a realistic fashion. Once all the information has been gathered and filmed, it is time to develope it and run it through a projector. When the film is played back it will give a 3D life size interpretation of the object that was filmed.