Introduction There are those people who are aware of the necessary steps to take to obtain and maintain a healthy diet. They do so by taking proper care of themselves through exercising and eating right (e.g. getting proper nutrients for the body). Unfortunately, however, they are considerably out-numbered by those who are still unaware of what the consequences their current diet might have in their futures. Unbeknownst to these type of people, lack of proper caring for their bodies will result in frequent illnesses. The primary task of this project is to develop the sense of health-wise responsibility in those who lack them. The project aims to achieve this by providing them with a broader sense of how their physical appearance would be in a certain amount of time -- in this case, 20 years. The project also will serve a somewhat of a warning to those who practice unhealthy intake habits. DISCLAIMER: This project is not 100% accurate. Only health based information is used in this installation and not any of the genetic information is acquired. Back to Main Page [Image]