ART PROPOSAL I [Image] Thermal imaging, or infrared detection, is a technology that has not been tapped by conceptual artists. What is especially intriguing is the use of IR detection for night vision. When there is no light present, the use of a night vision device, or NVD, will reveal a heat-emitting object even when the environment is pitch dark. The process itself, detecting radiation on the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum & converting it into visible light, is an apt metaphor for parts of our culture that are invisible to casual observation, but real. My proposed piece would be a web installation. Most ideas for infrared nightvision artworks would probably use physical, real objects. Mine would make use of popular icons that, if photographed, would be taken with normal, everyday camera & film. When clicked, the image would change to or show another image that would typically appear through an IR detection device, with a few alterations to convey what I think is the icon's true nature or intent. It is a commentary on advertising & its implications using views as would be seen through a first-generation scope, with its trademark of luminescent green. Some interesting links to explore: * basic info * Raytheon * Detection Systems * European Optics * The Exploratorium [Image]