I want to see movies of my dreams


        Not a day goes by where I can wake and piece back together the dreams that I have experienced the night before.  I have this extremely hazy recollection of what happened, although never can I remember all the details.  This confusion has given me the inspiration behind my first project proposal.

        For my installation I propose to construct a mechanism by which one can easily hook up two pads to their temples, which would then run cables to a VCR.  Whenever the user wanted to fall asleep all they would have to do is attach the two pads when about to fall asleep, this would then trigger the video to begin recording.  While asleep the user would feel absolutely the same as if they were not hooked up to this instrument, yet when they got up in the morning, they would need nothing more than to press play to view the happenings in their head from the night before.

        The potential for this project is astounding in many aspects.  Alone from the pleasure that the user would gain, the ability to then show others what you have experienced would be tremendous.  You could then truly analyze the inner workings of your brain.  The results could be somewhat scary but in the same right, the breakthroughs could be unheard of.

Installation Proposal:

              For my actual installation I would first construct this device by which I could record my dreams.  I would then have shows every Friday night in front of a one-hundred person audience.  The show would be an ongoing weekly art show, where I would hook myself up to this apparatus, and allow others to watch movies of my dreams.  I think that based on the fact that so many of the people that I come in contact with would be involved in most of my dreams that they would not want to miss a showing.  It would also be a quasi autobiographical account of that week in my life.

              I think that the potential as I had mentioned before is astronomical.  Not only as an innovative new gallery technique, but as an imaginative new way for others to gain insight into their own lives.

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