Mountain Summit Digital Notebook - Isaiah Hirschfield

The Technology
    A durable, hand-held, voice activated recorder which would allow hikers who reach various remote locations to share their thoughts verbally creating a cumulative collection of spoken experiences.  This technology would metaphorically replace the paper logbook occasionally found at prominent summits and vistas, often protected by a waterproof box or military ammunition case, allowing hikers to register their name, hometown, and some comments.
    The advantage would be to allow people to elaborate on their experiences and leave a much more personalized imprint for subsequent hikers to listen to than the notebook would allow. A substantial memory would be necessary to allow many messages to be stored. Also, an LED display indicating the name and date of the speaker would allow subsequent visitors to scroll through previous entries.

    My intent was to make a cute use of technology in a realm usually out of reach of technology.  But the more I think of it, the more I dislike the implications of the gadget I suggest.  The very reason I go hiking and the like is to get away from this frustrating crap.  I think I'd be pissed off when I found the damn thing.  If a bear hadn't already smashed it, I think I'd throw it off a cliff myself!  Now there's an art project: