EXSTASIS My proposal is for an art piece which combines the technologies of biofeedback and MP3 sound. It would be dedicated to exploring the emotional state of peace that can often be produced through music. The basic piece would consist of a chair, similar to a recliner, in which one could sit. The biofeedback sensors would be placed in the chair. From that point, after having sensed the emotional state of the participant, the data would then be transfered to the online database. Using MP3 technology the computer would download music geared specifically to harmonize with the participants emotional state, thereby, creating a state of extatia. For the participant , I hope to take them to someplace outside, or inside, themselves where they have never been able to reach before. I find it very interesting to explore how sound effects the human state. At an immediate level, the EXSTASIS recliner would serve as a therepeutic device. Longterm, it may be able to become a new form of "mind recreation". BACKGROUND TECHNOLOGY MP3 is a recent internet technology that enables people to download or directly play cd quality music from the internet. Currently the only drawback is the availability of MP3 music files. Every piece of music that is available for retail sale, is not available. Also, different music is available from different sites. For my particular piece I envision an MP3 system which would consolidate all of the varities of music into one database. Prospectively, it would be cool for all music to be made accessible to the public via intenet. Do a MP3 search. Biofeedback is a technology which main ideology is to explore the emotional states (fear, anger, love). Essentially, it is the first scientific alternative therapy. Each of the basic emotions (happines, fear,etc.),has it's physiological base in the neuronal chemical processes. Here is a link to a good biofeedback site. [Image] Exstasis would premier as a art installation in a museum. It would serve as an exploration of the human senses and emotion. If successful as a healing and or euphoric stimulant it could then move forward and be mass produced. I sometimes feel trapped into our society. Myself aswell as many other people often look to stimulants to achieve a state of euphoria. Currently, through listening to music I achieve an enormous sense of well being. The exstatia chair would be able to share this pleasure with others.