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mysterious xxxx

Sexual Stimulation Telecommunication Device

Inventor: mysterious xxxx   San Francico Ca, 94122

Filed: March 9, 1999

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600/038; 601/046; 340/825.44;

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This device combines the exsisting technologies of the vibrator sexual aid with paging systems to create a hybrid unit. Designed to be worn throughout the day, the device provides sexual stimulation to the user when their pager number is called by any touch tone phone. The caller can vary the level of stimulation by entering in #1-9 on the phone. Additionally, if the caller is also wearing a device the user may press a response mechanism to send a stimulation back to the caller.


1. Allows for sexual stimulation as triggered by a telecommunications device

2. Designed for concelment under a garment.

3. User is capable of sending responding signal back to another unit

4. Unit is discreet enough to cause stimulation without noticable outer effects.

5. Available for both men and women

6. Adjustable speed and vibrtion levels activated by touch-tone system