Method and Means for Production and Viewing of Latent Photograph and Image Tatooing System

Inventor(s):  Watson, Rachel S., San Francisco, CA

Class 128/316

Field of Search:   426/87, 355/07, 128/316, 81/9.22, 355/07, 033/018.R

Abstract:    A method of producing a latent photographic image or drawn image or otherwise computer or manual designed image forming a tatoo on a surface, such as skin, resulting in an image that cannot be seen and therefore having the visual effect of having a existing state of being invisible created by the cancellation effect of the negative and positive dots, tones, or lines which being seen by the unaided or therefore naked eye will be rendered into appearing as a visually unclassifiable shape or as state a shape that is latent or unseeable to an intrinsic human viewing system of the eye and perception properties; however, possessing seeable, viewable and hence knowable imaging or textual content through a material of filtering properties that upon seeing maybe perceived as visual material that is of a viewable or otherwise seeable nature as a material representing 1% to 99% substantive material in its contextual data orientated meanings and implications.

Claims:   Having thus describned my invention, what I claim is:

          1.  A method of producing an invisible latent image or photograph on a skin surface
2.  Procedure and method of viewing said invisible latent image through filter viewing system

tatoo producing instrument for use in creation in the application of image on skin surface.

perceivable image on skin surface to the unaided gaze or examination.

same image as shown above but viewed through the previously described filter viewing system.