US1001110698: Controllable Internal Communication System with built in cochlea implant, radio transmitter, microphone, answering system and remote switch.
Inventor: Carmela M. Bacani
Issued/Filed Date: March 1999, Daly City, CA
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This internal communication system (ICS) is designed mostly for people who are constantly on the run and are too busy to call in for their messages. The system comprises of the following components: cochlea hearing aid, radio transmitter, microphone, digital answering machine and an on/off switch located inside the left eyelid. The forementioned instruments are to be installed, hence, implanted into the subject.

Cochlea Hearing Aid

By implementing a pre-existing technological breakthrough device developed by D. William
House of All Hear, Inc., a "cochlear implant" will be done on the human subject. Such an implant
causes a stimulation of sound to the spiral ganglion cells by using electronic signals emitted to the basal coil of the cochlea.

Radio Transmitter

On the base of the cochlea, a miniscule radio device will be implanted to act as the transmitter of communication. This will act as the electronic signals that is required to stimulate sound to the spiral ganglion cells of the Cochlea.


Near the vocal cords, a microscopic microphone unit will be installed to enable the subject to
respond and communicate verbally with the other party.

Answering System

With the implantation of a microprocessor in the brain, messages will be recorded when the subject is unable to take calls (when the ICS has been turned off). By switching the ICS back on, the subject will then be automatically informed that she/he has message/s. This process will be aided by both the cochlear implant and radio transmitter, which will send the information unto the brain. Therefore, messages will be mentally received by the subject, meaning it will automatically be registered in the subject's memory.

On/Off Switch (Remote)

The microscopic switch will be implanted on the under-side of the left eyelid. The remote control transmitter activates (or in-activates) the entire ICS system. Turning it on/off can be achieved by lightly touching the tip of left eyelid. Note: this will not impair the ability to see at any given time.

US References: US04514593

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With this ICS device, the following can be achieved:

1) Mobilization of communication - ability to communicate with anyone, anytime and from anywhere to anywhere.
2) Hassle-free motto - ability to control the system without having to worry about cords and constrictions of the traditional phone or communication system.
3) Answering system - ability to maintain that control over the system remotely and access messages that are left when system is inactive.