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de Bord

Personalized Heated Garment

Inventor: Naomi de Bord 1624 Judah St., San Francico Ca, 94122

Filed: March 9, 1999

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219/211;602/905;002,120,162,486,527,528,529,545,549 128/379,400, 402

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This clothing unit is intended to provide personalized temperature sensitive warmth. Designed as a unisex shirt it would be used as an undergarment. Within the fabric would exist a flexible battery heating unit that is charged from an outside source. On the sleave is a temperature gauge with which a specialized heat setting can be chosen by the individual wearer. Aligning the neck line is a thermometer used to sense the current temperature of the wearer in order to maintain a constant desired temperature.


1. Maintains constant temperature for wearer in changing environments and activities.

2. Senses human tempertature changes.

3. Allows wearer to adjust gauge to a specialized temperture, thus allowing for the wide range in preference for heat.

4. Provides constant warmth in harsh cold climates

5. Can be recharged daily.

6. Utilizes a flexible battery, to provide comfort.

7. Asthetic allows to be worn under other garments without imposing on personal style.