The Bosom Buddy®



  Many a night in San Francisco is spent finding new ways to keep all of your body parts from staying at a manageable temperature.  These many brisk evenings, as well as a lady friend of mine, have been the inspiration behind my invention proposal.  I have developed a product that is sure to be a hit amongst all the females in the bay area.  My new product invention is a battery-operated heated brassiere.

  I have conversed with many women on the subject, and for some reason that is one specific area on the females that gets extremely cold.  Upon numerous patent searches I found no other patents that exist on any product even somewhat resembling my own.  The basic design behind it is quite easy.  Using the metal underwire that is in most bras already, the ìBosom Buddy®î will have another copper coil that wraps around the underwire.  The heater will be powered by a normal watch battery, and when heat is needed a little flick of the switch will deliver the goods.

  I do not propose to make my own brassieres, but I will patent the idea on the warming system.  I then plan to contract my services out to the major brassiere making companies.  For a mere five to seven dollars extra, per brassiere, the buyer will be totally satisfied with this until now unexisting necessity.

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 A battery-operated heated brassiere

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 Mike Hiskey & Carrie Myers