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USD198800014526: La Femme
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Inventor(s): West, Jenny  796 Font Blvd. #1406 San Francisco, CA 94132
Applicant(s): none
Issued/Filed Dates: March 15, 1999
Application Number: US198800014526
IPC Class: none
Class: D06/515; 221/97
Field of Search: D6/515; D6/559; D6/86; 221/97; 221/283; 221/281; D6/85.1;
221/196; 221/203; 221/266
Attorney, Agent, or Firm: Jessup, Beecher & Slehofer; 
Primary/Assistant Examiners: Burke; Wallace R.; Vinson; Brian N. 

U.S. References:
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Patent Inventor(s)    Issued 
USD263354 Jones 3 /1982
USD380114 Albright 6/24/97
USD374364 Miles 7/16/96
USD371707 Morris 8/8/96
USD309067 Arrias 7/10/90
US5752622 Abell 5/19/98

Claims: This is a utility and design patent.  It's functional use is as a wall unit that dispenses feminine sanitary products, one at a time.  It has a top lid which flips opens for easy refilling purposes and a bottom tray that holds each single device.  The design portion it multiple colored and patterned plastics to match wall papers commonly found in bathrooms for a "blending" and decorative look.
Foreign References: none

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