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Fart-Freshener/False Wallet

Inventor: Steven Nobili, 133 Mountaire Parkway, Clayton Ca. 94517

Filed: March 9, 1999

U.S. Class:

B05B; B05D; F16K

Field of Search:

417/345; 417/429; 427/421; 239/223; 431/263

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A device used to correct the problems caused by the human need for farting. The device works as a simple sprayer, disguised as a wallet with a chain on it. The case is made of plastic and can fit into the backpocket of any pair of pants, so as not to be openly seen.

A tube, attached to the container, is hidden within a chain link that can discreetly run into the user's frontpocket...

There's a squeezer attached on the end, so it can be pressed when necessary to release any perfume or desired fragrance. The Fart-Freshener container has a sprayer that subtly peeks out over the the top of the pocket, allowing for the fragrance to remove the odor of the user's flatulence.


To remove odor caused by flatulence

To remove flatulence odor in a discreet, dignified manner

Allows for customer to fart anywhere they choose without fear of being caught or discovered

Brings an immediate solution to a fully natural bodily function

Discreet and disguised manner of the product allows the user to retain his/her privacy