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US5712900: Personal Video Surveillance Disrupting Device.

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Inventor(s): Cross; Jonathan A. , San Francisco, CA.
Hirschfield; Isaiah A. , San Francisco, CA. 
Applicant(s): Emerging Technologies , Patent project. 
Issued/Filed Dates: March 9, 1999
Application Number: US1996000762531
Class: 380/007-015;
Field of Search: 348/383,36,39,734 345/156,157,158,172,179,180,1,2 
Abstract: A compact device which is carried on the person and performs the function of intercepting and destroying all video surveillance recordings and transmissions from video recording devices within a specified vicinity. The device is carried in a wallet as a credit card analog for the purpose of jamming video surveillance equipment. A personal privacy protection device. 
Attorney, Agent, or Firm: Wilson, Levine and Legrady Ass; 
Primary/Assistant Examiners: Chow; Dennis-Doon
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Application Number ApplDate Patent Issued Title
US1999000257079 1999-03-09      

U.S. References:
  (No patents reference this one) 
Patent Inventor(s)    Issued  Title
US4591841 Sunderson et al. 5 /1986 Long range optical pointing for video screens

First Claim: What is claimed is:
Apparatus which enables a user to disrupt the transmission of all video surveillance devices within a user definable region. The interference is characterized by visual noise which replaces the usual video image as it is transmitted from the video capturing device to a viewing or recording apparatus. A credit card sized device consisting of the following:
  • an electromagnetic emitter which is capable of severely damaging closed circuit and analog (RGB) video signals. 
  • a lithium ion battery capable of offering the desired current for the above mentioned device.
  • user adjustable dial to determine the radial distance of the devices influence on surveillance equipment.

Foreign References:
Publication Country Date IPC Class
EP00515015 European Patent Office (EPO) 11 /1992 G06K01108
JP59212945  Japan 12 /1984  
WO09118383 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 11 /1991  
WO09209062 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 5 /1992 G09G00302

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