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US5780124: Active Bicycle Security System

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Inventor(s): Schechter; Joseph L.,San Francisco, CA 94132 
Applicant(s): none
Issued/Filed Dates: March 23, 1999 / Sept. 23, 1997 
Application Number: US1999000938925
IPC Class: B44F 001/10;B32B 003/00;
Class: 428/029;428/195428/690428/913
Field of Search: 427/258,157,265 428/3,29,195,690,913.3 
Abstract: The present invention relates to active security systems, which act defensively against attempts at theft, as opposed to passive systems, which take no such actions. This system is intended for use with a bicycle, tricycle, quadricycle or any human-powered, nonmotorized vehicle. When a thief attempts to steal the vehicle, he/she receives a shock which may be lethal or nonlethal. With either setting, the theft is thus prevented. 
Attorney, Agent, or Firm: Shyster & Connman; 
Primary/Assistant Examiners: Nixon; Richard M.; Marx; Groucho. 
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US1999000938925 1999-03-23  

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Claim: What is claimed is: 
1. An active security system for any bicycle will stop any would-be bicycle thief. It is an open circuit, consisting of an arming/disarming device with a 4-digit combination lock with user-resettable code, a power source (4 C- or D-size batteries, depending on inner frame diameter), a capacitor, copper-alloy wires, transmitting plates in the headset, & connective areas on the seat & handgrips. The system is essentially an open circuit which, when activated, is closed upon contact with the body of the would-be thief. When this occurs, the thief gets a shock of 50,000 volts minimum & will feel excruciating but temporary pain. He consequently is unable to move, speak, or act in any coordinated way for at least 12 minutes. He will not likely try to steal the bicycle again. The basic model is shown in the accompanying drawing, as are optional contact points which can be installed is the buyer thinks that a would-be thief might attempt to bypass the standard ones. The entire bicycle, excepting non-conductive parts, can also be made conductive. Other options include capacitors of varying strengths & a "lethal/nonlethal" switch for parking in areas of different crime levels. 
    this application is a continuation of application Ser. No. 08/715,133 filed on Sep. 17, 1996, now abandoned. 
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